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Marriage License Archive

Marriage license archive is a database which keeps the records of the marriages of the State. People usually use marriage license archive to get information regarding the marriage and in order to verify the marital status of any person. Each State assigns the responsibility of maintaining marriage license archive to any public or private company and this company provides the records on the Internet on its official websites. People may access marriage license archive by paying the charges specified by the company.

It is your responsibility to know the cost of accessing marriage license archive before starting your research on any resource. You would also find some free marriage license archives on the Internet but it is not suggested to use them because their reliability is not confirmed. Therefore if you want to get the accurate results for your research then you should employ paid marriage license archive for your research. By accessing any marriage license archive you would be able to get everything which you see on any marriage license. If you need a physical copy of the marriage license certificate then you would have to make a request to any authentic marriage license archive providing company and would also require paying additional charges for the copy of the license.

Some marriage license archives would get request from the provided form on their website and some would require sending a request via email after paying the charges. You have to find the method of request for your selected marriage license archive for getting the license copy. One thing that you should keep in mind is that some States offer the option of keeping a marriage confidential upon the request of the married couple. If your State offers this kind of service then you would not be able to get the copy of the marriage license for a confidential marriage from any marriage license archive.

Some States also keep the marriage license archive as private and don’t allow the general public to access these records without permission of the legal authorities. Before starting your research on accessing marriage license archive you should have clear understanding of the laws of the State in order to eliminate the chances of doing any illegal activity. By going through the terms and conditions of the marriage license archive, you would be able have an idea of the legal permissions for using the marriage records.

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